Dean’s Message    

Beside the East China Sea and the Dishui Lake, there is a world-famous institution of learning. Shanghai Ocean University with a history of 100 years adheres to the university’s motto – “diligence, sincerity, dedication and practicality”, continues the university’s original mission – “fisheries rights are related toocean rights” and writes brilliant chapters for the world’s oceans and seas and China’s rivers, lakes and seas. Rooted in the profound agricultural and marine culture, born in the tide of reform and opening up, established to lead fisheries economics and management undertakings and relying on the momentum of the surging Yangtze River, the College of Economics and Management has overlooked the Pacific Ocean like an eagle for decades.

Since its establishment, the College of Economics and Management has been forging ahead and striving for improvement. The college always adheres to the college’s motto – “benefit the people and strive for self-improvement”, sticks to takingtalent cultivation as the foundation, keeps expanding and enhancing characteristic directions of majors and disciplines and makes arrangements for disciplines, majors and academic degree programs at the same time. With the university’s faculty team forging ahead dauntlessly as the basis and under strong support from the team of adjunct professors consisting of Chinese and overseas well-known scholars, government leaders, entrepreneurs, etc., the college has established a complete high-level talent cultivation system from undergraduate programs to doctor’s degree programs, cultivated tens of thousands of senior professional talents specializing in economics and management for the society, conducted scientific research to serve the government, industry and international organizations and taken solid steps to build the characteristic and international major of economics and management.

Envisioning the future, we feel very confident and release our dreams. Shouldering the mission of cultivating economic management elites with international perspectives and serving agricultural and marine undertakings’ development, the college provides better educational services, sticks to higher academic standards and strives to build itself into a first-class college of economics and management in the field of agriculture and oceans.

A long voyage is certainly full of perils. It is our tradition to help each other and make constant efforts. Let us work together to disseminate economics and management theories, focus on creating economics and management knowledge in field of agriculture and oceans, jointly explore laws of economics and management in field of agriculture and oceans, strive for success and create glory together!

Yang Zhengyong 

Dean of the College of Economics and Management 

Shanghai Ocean University